Looking for a professional LinkedIn profile writer?

We have a team of writers that can provide you with LinkedIn optimisation services.

Our writers can help you:

✔️ Improve personal branding

✔️ Keyword-optimise your profile

✔️ Get your profile picked up by LinkedIn algorithms

✔️ Increase the frequency of receiving recruiter InMails

✔️ Increase the odds of landing your dream job

Why is it important to have a well-written LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn has close to 800 million users worldwide. Forbes has even stated that 95% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to recruit. Even if you segment the users based on industry, location, and language, that final number is still probably going to be huge.

If you’re not optimising your personal LinkedIn profile, you’re going to be lost in a sea of potential hires. You’re missing out 😱

Why hire a LinkedIn profile writer from Writing Wildly?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions:

  • How do I write a good LinkedIn profile?
  • What to write in the headline on your Linkedin profile?
  • What to write in the LinkedIn profile summary?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Our social media copywriters are well adept at writing keyword-optimized LinkedIn profiles that improve your professional branding and increase the odds of being detected and contacted by recruiters.

Here’s why you should hire a LinkedIn profile writer from us:

We Understand Your Business

Singapore is ranked 10th in the world for our English proficiency.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile for some of the biggest industry players that operate using the international language of business.

Our writers can work remotely with you

Writing Wildly knows no geographical boundary 🌏 

Our LinkedIn profile writers have done work for clients from all over the world. Cultural capital is one of our biggest assets.

We understand that LinkedIn is a search engine

LinkedIn is no Google, but it’s still a search engine in its own right.

Our writers are adept at optimising your LinkedIn profile with industry keywords that will be recognised by LinkedIn’s algorithm.

LinkedIn profile makeover services that do not disappoint

Industry keyword research

We will conduct keyword research on the most common keywords used in the industries you’ve worked and/or are working in.

Write optimised headline and summary

These keywords will be used to optimise your profile’s headline and summary to showcase your expertise attract the attention of LinkedIn’s search algorithm.

Write optimised work and education experience descriptions

Your past experiences will also be optimised for keywords to catch the eye of your recruiters 👀

Update your profile with relevant skills and expertise

No profile would be complete without showcasing your talents. We’ll identify the best skills to have based on the industry and add it to your profile.

Hire a freelance writer to start writing your LinkedIn profile wildly today

So, if you’re asking yourself “where can I hire someone to write my professional LinkedIn profile”? Look no further.

Reach out to us today and start seeing the number of recruiter InMails soar!