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Why choose Writing Wildly to write SEO-friendly articles?

Looking for an SEO content and copy writer online can be a tricky task. What do you look out for? And how do you make your pick?

Well, we’re here to tell you why our freelance SEO writers are among the best in the business 😎

Fluent in the international language of business

Our food writers can bring your food to life and translate them into copy that’s just as flavorful and delicious.

You can count on us to deliver scrumptious stories that your customers will love.

Work with our remote writers from anywhere in the world

Writing Wildly knows no geographical boundary 🌏 

Our writers have done remote work for clients from all over the world. Cultural capital is one of our biggest assets.

Our freelance writers have a wealth of experience

We have some of the top food writers on our team.

We’ve written content on a myriad of different cuisines and restaurants

More than just writers. We are SEO Specialists

Our writers have industry experience when it comes to SEO. From keyword research to on-page SEO, if you name it, they can deliver.

Check out the results we achieved below ⬇️

Our SEO writers did what? 😲


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Our SEO writers won’t rank your articles for 0 volume keywords

Many freelance SEO writers claim to be able to rank your articles for a bunch of keywords. But 0 volume keywords are easy to rank for.

Even if you are ranking on page 1 for those keywords, how much traffic are you getting, really?

Our happy clients over at Novocall can attest to our high standards of writing 😎

What type of SEO blog writing services do we provide?

At our SEO content writing agency, our freelance SEO writers specialise in several core niches. But if you need help with ranking blog content of other industries, feel free to reach out to us and just ask 😉

How does it work?

1. Topic submission

Provide us with the topic(s) you want us to write about and the keywords you want to rank for (if any)

2. Review of your topics and keywords

We will review the keywords and topics we receive. If need be, we will make recommendations based on our keyword and topic research and suggest alternatives that will improve your chances of ranking.

3. Writing

Once we have come to an agreement on the topic and keywords, our SEO writers will then commence the writing phase

4. Review our work!

Once we’ve completed the first draft, we will share the document with you. You can make requests for edits, and we will make them accordingly. Each piece of content will have a maximum of 2 edits.

Hire a freelance SEO content writer to start writing wildly for you today!

So, “where can I find an SEO content writer for my blog”, you ask? Why right here at Writing Wildly of course!

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FAQs about SEO blog writing services

SEO content writing is writing content for the purpose of ranking for keywords on the search engine results page (SERP) of Google. 

This is done in order to increase the traffic of your website.

SEO content writing is a highly technical skill that requires a lot of time to master. Some of which include keyword research, on-page SEO optimisation, image SEO optimisation, and of course, writing.

SEO is a skill that requires a lot of experimentation and this will take you a lot of time to fine-tune and master.

Furthermore, the SEO tools needed to perform many of these tasks can be really expensive. Outsourcing your SEO writing operations to experts can help you save tonnes of time and allow yourself to make use of the time on things you are already great at.

Over at Writing Wildly, we are more than just writers. We are also experienced SEO specialists who are skilled in the art of keyword research and selection, on-page SEO, and technical SEO implementations.

We combine the power of words with technical SEO know-how to ensure that your articles get recognised by Google’s algorithm so that it will start ranking for your target keywords.

In terms of blog content, we specialise in a few niches. Travel, food, SaaS and tech.

Within each category, our writers have experience with writing content for the various stages of the marketing funnel. Whether you are looking for top-of-funnel (TOFU) content to educate your site audience, or bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) content to convert readers with purchase intent, we have something just for you!

There are hundreds of known ranking factors Google uses to rank your content for certain keywords. These range from website topical authority and on-page SEO optimisation, to matching keyword search intent and the number of external links linking to your content.

As of today, the number of external links linking to your content appears to be the strongest ranking factor.

We have helped clients rank on page one. However, these clients generally have high website authority scores and have invested in their own link building campaigns.

While we cannot guarantee that your content will rank on page one, we can assure you that we help you choose the best keywords for your article. This is to help Google’s algorithm recognise the topic of your content so as to make it easier for them to rank it for target keywords (not necessarily on page 1).

A: Yes, part of our SEO writing services involves performing keyword research. We ensure that the content we produce is in line with relevant keywords to enhance your search engine visibility.

Absolutely! Competitor analysis is part of our SEO service. We study your competition to understand their content strategy, which informs our creation of unique, SEO-friendly content for your brand.

Yes, on-page optimization is an integral part of our SEO writing services. We ensure your content is optimized for search engines while maintaining readability and engagement for your audience. The page titles, meta descriptions, and header tags (H1, H2, H3 etc) of the content we write for you will all be optimized!

At Writing Wildly, quality is a priority. Our SEO content writers possess expertise in storytelling, grammar, search engine algorithms, and keyword research. We strive to strike a balance between communication needs, reader expectations, and search engine requirements.

While our primary service is content creation, good SEO content naturally attracts quality backlinks. However, for specific link building strategies, we would recommend collaborating with an SEO specialist.

Absolutely! We stay informed about the latest search engine algorithm changes and SEO trends to ensure the content we create is always optimized for the best search engine performance.

Yes, but strictly from a content perspective. We can perform content audits to analyze the effectiveness of your current content, identify areas of improvement, and optimize it further for SEO.