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Professional copywriting services that persuade your leads to take action!

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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing short, persuasive, bodies to text in order to convince the reader to take a particular action.

Whether your goal is to increase the number of scheduled sales calls, increase newsletter subscription rates, or sell your product, persuasive copywriting is key in helping you achieve your objectives.

Why engage a copywriting agency in Singapore for professional copywriting services?

Copywriting is a skill that takes years to master

Copywriting isn’t a simple act of stringing words together to form a grammatically sound sentence. It is the art of persuasion. As with other skills, it takes years of practice to become a master of the writing arts. 

Copywriting is a time-consuming task

Copywriting doesn’t just involved the actual writing. A lot of time also goes into the research process. What is the target persona? Which is the best tone of voice? What are the pain points you should address? And let’s not forget the number of revisions that may be needed.

Brands we’ve written wildly for

Why hire freelance copywriters in Singapore from Writing Wildly?

Fluent in the international language of business

Singapore is ranked 10th in the world for our English proficiency.

Say goodbye 👋 to painful drafts strewn with grammar errors.

Work with our freelance copywriters from anywhere in the world

Writing Wildly knows no geographical boundary 🌏 

Our freelancers have worked with clients from all over the world. Cultural capital is one of our biggest assets.

Our freelance copywriters have a wealth of experience

Our freelancers have written for a wide variety of brands across many industries.

What does our copywriting process look like?

1. Agreeing on the scope of work

After you contact us with the details of the project, we will review your request and our manpower to ensure that we have sufficient capacity to take on new tasks. We will NOT be taking on new projects for the sake of making a quick buck. Time is needed to produce quality work and we will not compromise that.

2. Proposing changes to your goals (if needed)

We often get clients with 0 experience in the copywriting space. Thus, it is not uncommon for them to set unrealistic goals. We will NOT lead our clients down the wrong path if we know that it is

3. Commencement of work

Once the objectives and scope of the project have been agreed upon, our freelance copywriters will get down to it and work their magic.

4. Review our work!

Once we’ve completed the first draft, we will share the document with you. You can make requests for edits, and we will make them accordingly. Each piece of content will have a maximum of 2 edits.

What type of copies do we write?

Our team of freelance copywriters are skilled at variety of different types of copywriting services. Check out our offerings:

Email copywriting

✔️ Email subject lines that stand out in your inbox clutter

✔️ Increase email open rates

✔️ Increase click-through rates

Whether you want to grow your email newsletter subscription rates or increase sales conversions via email, our freelance email copywriters can tailor their email copywriting to suit your needs.

Ad copywriting

✔️ Increase conversion rates

✔️ Improve lead generation rates

✔️ Connect with you audience

Our freelance ad copywriters will craft persuasive and well-researched copy that resonates with your target audience.

Social media content writing

✔️ Build an online social media presence

✔️ Grow your brand awareness

✔️ Engage with your audience online

Our social media copywriting services can help you cement your place on in the online world.

Check out some of our services:

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FAQs about freelance professional copywriting services

A copywriting agency is a company that produces written content for your copywriting needs. Copies are short pieces of text that are written with the intention to persuade readers to take action. This includes subscribing to your newsletter, scheduling a sales call, or purchase your product.

Copywriting involves writing short pieces of text with an intent to convince your readers to take a specific action. Examples of copies include, social media post captions, Google ad copies, and email marketing copies.

Content writing, on the other hand, is done in order to inform and educate your readers on a particular topic. Examples of written content include blog posts, white papers, and 

Writing short, impactful, and creative copies are crucial in persuading your readers to take action. Good copywriters do this by skillfully weaving your band message and unique selling points into short pieces of copies.

All businesses need copywriters to promote their products and services. Copies are needed on your website landing pages, paid Google ads, social media posts, and email sequences. As you can see, so many aspects of marketing your business requires skilfully written copies to achieve your goals.