Top 21 Best Travel Blogs, Bloggers And Websites In Singapore 🌏

Looking for a site to use to search for travel inspiration? Here are 20 travel sites started by Singaporean bloggers to refer to when planning your next trip!
Nigel Seah
Nigel Seah

Nigel is a Technical SEO Specialist at a Digital Marketing Agency based in Singapore. He also dabbles in freelance SEO content writing and is an avid language learner.

As a freelance travel content writer, I often find myself lost in the writings of fellow travel bloggers. After all, the point of good travel content is to evoke wanderlust, is it not?

It comes then to no surprise that I’ve looked at many pieces of content over the years for inspiration to improve my writing.

In this piece, I will be sharing mostly travel blogs ran by Singaporeans, with a few honorable mentions at the end 😉

My personal list of the best Singaporean travel bloggers, blogs, and websites

1) SimplyPeiqi

Peiqi is a Singaporean Technical SEO Specialist and who runs a lifestyle blog at the side. It concurrently serves as her diary of life’s little adventures. Her site has a section where she blogs about traveling experiences. She focuses a lot on writing reviews for travel accommodation and guided tour experiences.

2) Beyond The Red Dot

Beyond The Red Dot was started by Fabian Seow, a Singaporean Technical SEO Specialist. This was a project started in order to document his travels during his exchange semester in Peru. Naturally, his content focuses on South American destinations. For the average Singaporean who probably has never even thought of traveling so far beyond our shores, this is a fantastic travel site to get a glimpse of what it’s like on the other side of the globe.

3) The Long Direction

Also known by his alias The Long Direction, the adventurous Ganesha Balakrishnan is most known for traveling from Singapore to Canada without taking a single flight. He even published a book about it! Although his site is no longer active, he still runs an instagram account of the same name. As an adventurous traveler, he has been to many less-frequented countries such as North Korea, Tajikistan, and Iran. His adventure was even featured in many local publications.

Today, he runs a boutique and adventure travel agency called The Untold Direction. He organises trips to lesser-known travel destinations such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Iran.

4) A Girl and a Bald Traveler

A Girl and a Bald Traveler was started by a Singaporean couple to document their journey to achieve their dream of traveling the world affordably. The blog publishes content about their adventures to less-travel destinations. They aim to inspire their followers to visit beyond overrated countries.

5) I Wander

I Wander is an online travel guide run by Singaporean Bino Chua. His content focuses on travel tips and hacks, as well as itineraries. His blog has been featured on many major publications, including The Straits Times, BBC, and even Forbes!

6) The Petite Wanderess

The Petite Wanderess is a mindful travel and wellness blog created entirely by a Singaporean Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Health and Wellness blog. The blog curates content focused on the essence of travel. These include experiences, cultural appreciation, yoga, as well as health and wellness.

7) 2BearBear

2BearBear is a travel blog run by Singaporean couple Tom and Kate. What I adore about their travel website is that they replace themselves in their photos with two stuffed bears. Due to travel restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pair has pivoted to write about things to do in Singapore.

8) The Occasional Traveler

The Occasional Traveler was started by a Singaporean woman in hopes of providing tips to those seeking to balance a full-time job and traveling. She provides useful tips on how Singaporeans can make full use of their weekends and limited annual leave days to maximize their travel experiences. She has been commissioned by famous travel companies like Culture Trip and Skyscanner.

9) Irene’s Travel Blog

Irene’s Travel Blog is one of the leading travel websites in Singapore. Known for her motto ‘work hard, play harder’, her travel blog has won multiple accolades through the years. 

10) Mr Brown

What’s not to love? Mr Brown has been THE quirky local media personality for over a decade. It comes as no surprise then that his travel content is a reflection of his personality. Weird selfies, unglam shots of his daughter on a plane, you name it. If it’s something ridiculous, he has probably already added it into his travel content.

11) Sunrise Odyssey

Started by Singaporean couple Gina and Daniel, Sunrise Odyssey is a travel blog that aims to share more about the less beaten paths of the world. Most notably, the pair completed a 279-day overland adventure. During which they traveled from China, towards Mongolia, through Central Asia, passed Iran, and finally to Turkey.

12) The Travel Intern

When it comes to Singaporean travel sites, one cannot simply not talk about The Travel Intern. It is a Singapore-based community of storytellers and explorers. They aim to inspire their audience to seek new experiences through writing, photography, and filmmaking.

13) Live Laugh Travel

Run by serial entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Alvin Soo, Live Laugh Travel is a travel site that documents his adventures. His site covers travel and food content, focusing on content about the various continents he has traveled to.

14) Travel Inspiration 360

This is a travel site started by Singaporean Training and Development Program Facilitator Keith Yuen. Unlike most Singaporeans who generally prefer traveling within the Asia Pacific region, Keith has actually been to every single continent on the planet!

15) Roamscapes

Roamscapes began in 2012 as a personal travel journal by content strategist and writer Brooke Thio. Over the years, the travel site has evolved into a blog focusing on culture, slow travel, and sustainability. Since the inception of the site, Brooke’s stories have been published in Lonely Planet Magazine (Asia), food & travel, Meetings & Conventions Asia, Travel Weekly Asia, and more.

16) Travelfolio

TravelerFolio is an award-winning and established travel blog from Singapore. Started in 2008 by Singaporean woman Eunice, the site publishes content contributed by a bunch of like-minded professionals and travel enthusiasts. 

17) Learn Thai In Singapore

Learn Thai in Singapore is a Thai language learning site started by Joanne Tan, a Singaporean who’s fluent in the language. Apart from providing language learning tips and Thai translation services, her site also has a Thai travel blog where she documents her experiences of living in Thailand.  

18) Pohtecktoes

This is a travel site started by the founder of The Travel Intern, Hendric Tay. in 2013, he quit his full-time job to travel the world. This site was built to document his journeys. His adventures eventually caught the attention of local publications, leading him to win the OMY Best Travel Blog Award in 2015.

19) The Shutterwhale

The Shutterwhale is a luxury travel site born from the desire to wander and the desire to escape the monotony of day-to-day life. Founded by management consultant Mark Chua in 2013, the site aims to update affluent readers on the latest deals in the market. The blog’s content focuses on luxury hotel reviews and exclusive travel experiences such as First Class and Business Class flights, as well as airport lounge reviews.

20) The Lazy Holiday

Started by Singaporean traveler Carys, this travel blog was started for the traveler who is on the lookout for a travel experience beyond the typical ‘things to do in xxx’ itinerary. Rooted in the belief that “time wasted is time well spent”, Carys’s journey takes her readers to places outside of the most frequented locations. To the peaceful rural countryside where people can truly have a ‘lazy holiday’.

21) Railtravel Station

Railtravel Station is a website that focuses on travel adventures experienced primarily through railways and trains. It predominantly publishes content about travels within Southeast Asia, with a unique focus on Malaysia and Singapore.

Honorable mentions! Some non-Singaporean travel blogs I absolutely adore

1) Gays That Travel

Gays That Travel is a gay travel blog started by Australian-British couple Michael and Charlie. They focus on travel content about Australia and they provide tips on LGBTQ-friendly travel content. They also run an Instagram account (@husbands.thattravel) where they share snippets of their adventures on the road.

2) Nomadic Matt

Matt’s journey as a digital nomad began in 2006 when he quit his full-time job to travel. For over a decade, he lived vicariously as he journeyed around the world. Only recently did he decide to settle down at a more permanent spot. Formerly a fast-paced budget backpacker, he is famously known for his budget travel guide ‘How to Travel The World on $50 a Day.

Which of these travel blog sites will you start with?

So there you have it! My personal list of the top 23 travel blogs and websites for  those seeking information to plan their next vacation.

Whether you are a budget traveler, an adventure traveler, or luxury traveler,  I hope this list has something just for you. 

Happy reading!