Top 20 Food Blogs, Bloggers, And Websites Singapore

Singapore is known as the food haven of Asia. But where are the best places to eat? Check out this list of the top 20 blogs for the best recommendations.
Nigel Seah
Nigel Seah

Nigel is a Technical SEO Specialist at a Digital Marketing Agency based in Singapore. He also dabbles in freelance SEO content writing and is an avid language learner.

One of the best things about living in Singapore, aside from the amazing food, is that there are wonderful food bloggers and websites. 

We love our food here; everything from street food to fine dining is celebrated with zeal by Singaporeans. The city-state’s food culture is often touted as one of its best perks for tourists and citizens alike.

If you combine this fact with the food bloggers’ genuine excitement to share their knowledge about the place they live in, it results in fantastic stories and reviews of restaurants, recipes, tips, recommendations, events, and places to the visit-the list goes on!

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to the best blogs and websites covering all things related to Singaporean cuisine–look no further than this list. 

As a freelance food content writer myself, I can say with utmost confidence that these are some of the best sites I’ve used as inspiration for my content.

Without further ado, here are the 20 best food blogs, bloggers & websites in Singapore.

My personal list of the best food bloggers, blogs, and websites

1) The Meat Men

Started by a group of ‘meaty men’ from Singapore, The Meat Men is a food content production company with a variety of media channels. Their website publishes food content such as recipes, reviews, and food listicles. Meanwhile, their YouTube channel shares predominantly recipe videos that get shared across their other social media accounts. 

2) SimplyPeiqi

Peiqi is a Singaporean Technical SEO Specialist who runs a lifestyle website at the side. It concurrently serves as her diary of life’s little adventures. Her site has a section where she blogs about her food adventures. She focuses a lot on writing reviews for the various places to eat in Singapore. Some of her best performing pieces include her review on Shi Li Fang, as well as her Nakhon Kitchen review.

3) SG Food on Foot

Unlike many other Singaporean food blogs, SG Food On Foot doesn’t just simply publish food content. His site organizes the content according to the MRT station nearest to the food stall he is featuring.

4) Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow

Translated from the colloquial Hokkien expression “laip sab chiak, laip sab tua”, Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow is a Singaporean food blog that personifies the saying.

It means ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and was the no-nonsense approach used by Singaporean parents to get their children to finish their food.

This is the exact approach they take toward their food content. Their site features honest content on food tourism, staycations in Singapore, and travel itineraries.

5) Camemberu

Camemberu has been publishing great food content and travel in Asia since 2007. Over the years, the blog has grown a lot and has caught the attention of the international media. The site’s owner, Catherine Ling, has since been given the opportunity to write for international publications such as CNN Travel, MSN, and Yahoo.

6) Ordinary Patrons

The Ordinary Patrons is a Singaporean food blog for ordinary people by ordinary people. If you’re an ordinary person looking for places to eat in Singapore (sometimes overseas), you’ve come to the right place.

7) Will Fly For Food

Run by Singaporean travel-eaters and digital nomads JB and Renée, Will Fly For Food is a food-themed travel site. Or is it a travel-themed food site? 🤔

To them, food plays a huge role in the destinations they choose to travel to.

This travel website travels amazing travel and food content from both frequently visited travel destinations as well as lesser-known ones.

8) Budget Pantry

Singaporean mom Christ quit her job back in 2013 due to burnout and the need to care for her elderly aunts who took care of her as a child. She later returned to the workforce as a writer and enjoyed the challenge of coming up with great recipes on a lower budget. Budgetpantry was thus born! It documents family and baby food recipes, as well as her parenting journey.

9) Secret Life Of Fatbacks

Secret Life of Fatbacks is a luxury travel, dining, and lifestyle website founded by Singaporean Lawyer Shawn. He has been documenting his food adventures since his days at the National University (NUS) Faculty of Law. Food has since become a source of comfort from the rigors of legal practice. The food blog of his site features food content written in a satirically funny way.

10) The Ranting Panda

The Ranting Panda was created in 2012 for its site owners ‘Ranter’ and ‘Rantee’ to rant about food and the woes of their corporate jobs. While the site still features predominantly food content, they have since expanded to include more travel and lifestyle content as well.

11) Miss Tam Chiak

Born into a family of enthusiastic foodies, Maureen Ow has always had a love for food. Especially Singaporean cuisine. Her passion for the ever-changing local food scene was the catalyst for the creation of back then in 2007. From street vendors and hawkers to cafes and fine restaurants, you will be able to discover some of the most mouth-watering dishes in Singapore.

12) Exploding Belly

Interestingly, aspiring Clinical Psychologist Clara Chua started Exploding Belly for the purpose of making it a fitness blog. After discovering her love for food, the blog has changed direction to reflect this newfound passion. With a primary focus on food, her site publishes content on lifestyle and fitness as well.

13) Fundamentally Flawed

Despite earning a bachelor’s in aerospace engineering, Sihan found her calling in the pastry arts and left for Le Cordon Bleu (Sydney) to pursue her passion. Fundamentally Flawed was created to document her food journey in Sydney under the ‘Snap Eat Love’ tab.

14) Delishar

Singaporean mom Sharon Lam is a local recipe blogger who enjoys conducting her own food experiments. Delishar was designed to share her recipes designed for a healthier lifestyle with fellow home cooks.

15) Crystal Wee

Crystal Wee is a Singaporean blogger who shares about the hidden gems secretly located in Singapore. Since the inception of her blog in 2011, she has found interest in photography and hunting for the best gastronomic delights in Singapore.

16) An Affair With Food

An Affair With Food is a food and lifestyle site run by two local foodies, Xue Wei and Keith. It covers Singapore’s vibrant food culture, latest food trends, hotel reviews, and travel guides.

17) Sparklette

Singaporean mom Veron initially started Sparklette to blog about the local food scene. Since the birth of her first child, the site has started to expand its coverage on other types of lifestyle content, such as baby product reviews.

18) ConfirmGood

ConfirmGood is a Singaporean lifestyle publication that features all things fun and exciting on our sunny shores. They have a food blog where they extensively feature all the best places to eat in the city. Some of their best performing pieces include their feature on the best lok lok places in Singapore and post on the best authentic Korean food in Singapore.

19) I Eat and Eat

The Chua family started I Eat and Eat in 2013 to showcase the best of local and international dishes in Singapore.

20) Dead Cockroach

Dead Cockroach is a food website started by a Singaporean who simply just loves to eat. Unlike most other food blogs, this site features everyday food stalls found at coffee shops typically found at the ground floor of HDB blocks.

21) Foodwanderers

Foodwanderers is a food website started by a local Singaporean woman, Irene. Unlike many food blogs that are run either by a specific few people or an individual, the reviews on her site are based on reviews by her and a random group of friends. She brings her friends on each food review trip.

So, which of these food blog sites will you use to find the best eats?

So there you have it! My personal list of the top 21 food blogs and websites for  those seeking information to search for the best places to eat in Singapore.

Whether you are looking for cheap hawker eats, or something fancier at a luxury restaurant,  I hope this list has provided some ideas for you to start your food hunting.

Happy reading!