Top 21 Singaporean Lifestyle Blogs, Bloggers, And Websites

Living in Singapore is very expensive and boring. Or is it 🤔If you’re looking for more exciting things to do, check out this list of the top 21 lifestyle blogs in Singapore.
Nigel Seah
Nigel Seah

Nigel is a Technical SEO Specialist at a Digital Marketing Agency based in Singapore. He also dabbles in freelance SEO content writing and is an avid language learner.

Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible for us common folk to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to live well without spending a bomb, boy do I have some lifestyle blogs to share with you 😉

And as a professional SEO writer for hire myself, I frequently also use these resources to find inspiration for my writing.

To make things simple, I’ve compiled lifestyle blogs and websites without specific interest niches.

And we’ve also included lifestyle bloggers who aren’t necessarily full-time blogging, but their day jobs often involve them writing about eateries, restaurants, nightlife, and pop culture.

Happy reading!

1) Mitsueki


Like other lifestyle bloggers, Mitsueki also covers a wide range of topics such as fashion, food, travel, clothing, and anything random in her life. With the goal of making her readers happy, she publishes content about her daily musings.

2. SimplyPeiqi

SimplyPeiqi is a lifestyle website run by a Singaporean Technical SEO Specialist Pei Qi. It concurrently serves as her diary of life’s little adventures. She focuses on writing review articles and publishes content from a variety of niches such as travel content and food content. Some of her best articles include her Golden Village Gold Class review and Classpass review.

3) A Winsome Life

Tell me you’re a jack of all trades without telling me you’re a jack of all trades. The Co-founder of A Winsome Life, Melvin, was a former waiter, coffee barista, hotelier, and is now a Search Engine Optimization and Content Writer. Along with his Co-founder Jacqueline, Melvin shares snippets of their personal life, as well as content on travel, wellness, and spirituality.

4) ConfirmGood

ConfirmGood is a Singaporean lifestyle publication that features all things fun and exciting in our little red dot. They feature a wide variety of lifestyle content such as restaurant reviews, things to do, trending topics, and current affairs.

5) My Chirpy Life

My Chirpy Life is a blog managed by a mother of four, Melissa Tan. She is passionate about nature, the outdoors, and parenting. She publishes content realistic content about her parenting and travel experiences.

6) Cheekymonkies

Cheekiemonkies is a parenting lifestyle blog run by the author of ‘Got Kids, Go Where?’. He is an active father who promotes responsible and dedicated parenthood. Unlike most parenting sites out there, this is created and written from a Singaporean father’s perspective. He publishes content about indoor and outdoor activities, travel, as well as parenting tips.

7) District Sixtyfive

District Sixtyfive is a local lifestyle publication that covers a variety of content in Singapore. The author is known for sharing content about the best deals in Singapore. She talks about places to buy cheap products such as clothing, household items, and body care products.

8) The Wacky Duo

The Wacky Duo is a family-run lifestyle website. Initially started in 2012 to document the growing up years of two young brothers. But as the years went by, the site evolved into one that featured content published by their parents. This includes articles by their father on their favorite family haunts, muses about life, and review articles. The site has even been recognized as the most unique parenting blog in 2020.

9) Expat Living

Expat Living publishes content that useful to both current and potential expats. They share information on a variety of things such as neighborhood guides, workplace and business news, and real estate content.

10) Working with Grace

Working with Grace is an award-winning lifestyle blog that publishes business content. This includes interviews where the author shares valuable insights from her conversations with successful entrepreneurs and start-up business owners.

11) Darren Bloggie

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the site’s owner Darren decides to pivot to focus his content on staycation ideas instead of travel. This is super for anyone wanting to spend valuable time with friends and family. His site has a tech section where he reviews a variety of different products.

12)Tiffany Yong

Tiffany Yong is actually a Singaporean actor and has played different roles in dramas on television. Her lifestyle blog is known for its content quality and unbiased reviews. She publishes content about movie reviews, brand reviews, and beauty product reviews in her blogs. 

13) The Smart Local

Probably one of the most famous online lifestyle publications, The Smart Local runs one of the most followed lifestyle blogs in Singapore. For years, they have been publishing lots of good content for both locals and foreigners looking for the best places to eat and things to do in Singapore. Fun things aside, they share content on practical life advice such as finance and the general ‘adulting’ content.

14) Luxury Haven

Managed by a former flight attendant, Luxury Haven is a luxury lifestyle website that shares content about traveling and the beauty of diverse cultures around the world. The website also features articles such as product reviews, cooking recipes, and DIY tips. 

15) Prout

Prout is a Singaporean LGBTQ+ lifestyle website that aims to connect queer Singaporeans by sharing information on any queer-friendly events in the country. It also provides helpful resources for any struggling LGBTQ+ Singaporean. 

16) Dear Straight People

Founded by Sean Foo, Dear Straight People is Asia’s leading online LGBTQ+ lifestyle publication based in Singapore. It aims to provide its readers with a mix of positive content that is informative, inspiring, and engaging. Since its inception, the site has published over 60 different coming out stories of openly queer Asians ranging from an openly gay pastor to a same-sex family.              

17) Chapters of Escapism

Chaptersofescapism was created with the intention of being site owner Alvin’s platform to escape reality. It aims to help his readers indulge and pamper themselves from time to time through his life experiences and reviews.

18. ConfirmGood

ConfirmGood is a Singaporean lifestyle publication that features all things fun and exciting on our sunny shores. They have a food blog where they extensively feature all the best places to eat in the city. Some of their best performing pieces include their feature on the best Lok Lok places in Singapore and post on the best authentic Korean food in Singapore.


ZULA is a female lifestyle website and YouTube channel for Singaporean Millennials. Since in 2017, the site was built on the vision to build an inclusive community of bold, multifaceted Asian women. They publish lifestyle content such as beauty and fashion.

20) Rainbow Diaries

Rainbow Diaries is a lifestyle website run by Singaporean mom, Shub. She is a full-time IT professional and publishes content on topics on its media ranging from parenting to beauty to food to travel to gadgets and more. 

21) Aspirant SG

Aspirant SG is a Singaporean website that publishes lifestyle and business-related content. It aims to connect with locals through engaging lifestyle content such as food reviews and travel tips. Meanwhile, its blog also heavily features content that encourages tourists to explore the history and culture of Singapore.

So, which Singaporean lifestyle website do you like?

And there you have it! 

My personal list of the top 20 best lifestyle blogs and websites in Singapore.

Whether you are a local Singaporean looking for more affordable activities to do on the weekend or a foreigner looking for the best things to do on our sunny shores, these sites are definitely your go-to resources.