Top 21 Finance & Investment Blogs In Singapore

Living in Singapore is very expensive. Improving your financial literacy can help you overcome that. Here are the best finance blogs to help you do that!
Nigel Seah
Nigel Seah

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Ah, another round of the “most expensive city to live” survey has come to an end.

Are we really supposed to be shocked that Singapore has made it to the top 5 spots yet again?

As a freelance content writer trying to make it in this first-world city-state, I felt it 😫

That said, not all hope is lost. Improving your financial literacy and learning how to invest can help you improve things. 

Here are the top 20 finance and investment blogs and bloggers that you should definitely follow!

My personal list of the best finance and investment blogs in Singapore

1) Seedly

Seedly is perhaps one of the most famous financial literacy websites in Singapore. They are well known for publishing super idiotproof content for those new to financial literacy. Some of them include their beginner’s guide on stock investment and credit card guide. One of their most popular content distribution channels is their Telegram channel. It currently has close to 50,000 followers.

2) Lady You Can Be Free

The owner of this site is an inspiring lady who gained financial freedom by generating passive income through various income streams. She posts monthly stock reports on the blog. She provides her readers with investment tips, suggestions, and American and Singaporean stock reports.

3) Dollars and Sense

Dollar and Sense is a finance and investment website that aims to help people make better financial decisions. They provide timely announcements on global affairs and their effects on financial markets.

4) For Tomorrow

For Tomorrow is an initiative by Temasek to promote financial literacy. It is a website that publishes finance content written specifically with Singaporean youth in mind. The website was designed with the intention of helping young Singaporeans learn more about investing in order to build a better future for themselves. 

5) The Woke Salaryman

The Woke Salaryman is probably the most unique one on this list. While most sites publish articles about finance-related topics, they post comic strips to educate Singaporeans about the importance of financial literacy.

6) MoneySmart

MoneySmart is one of the early movers of Singapore’s personal finance blogging sphere. They’ve had more than enough time to accumulate an incredibly huge repository of content on their website. They cover personal finance topics in an easy-to-understand manner for the ordinary Singaporean. This makes their site a great jumping off point for those new to personal finance.

7) The New Savvy

Founded by Anna Haotanto, The New Savvy is an online finance blog that aims to empower women in the financial, investment and career aspects of their lives. Together with her team, Haotanto publishes helpful financial content that helps the modern everyday woman deal with her unique financial obstacles/

8) SG Budget Babe

SG Budget Babe is perhaps one of Singapore’s top female finance bloggers. Since its inception in 2014, the website has received over 13 million visitors. She takes an authentic and no-nonsense approach when providing her honest take on issues close to the everyday Singaporean. Some of these include saving money, clearing debts, insurance, investments, mortgage loans, and housing, among other things. She also posts reviews on products to give her opinions on whether or not something is worth spending money on.

9) Trading with Rayner

Rayner Teo is an independent trader and founder of the finance website TradingWithRayner. A passionate trader and investor in his own right, Rayner aims to help save the everyday investor from making bad decisions. He is also a trading coach who shares his knowledge via other media such as his books, YouTube channel, and finance courses.

10) SG Young Investment

This finance blog’s owner started his investment journey during his national service days. An economics graduate with over a decade of investment experience, he developed a passion for teaching others the importance of good financial habits and investing. His finance website aims to simplify complex financial concepts to make investing accessible to the layman.

11) Endowus Insights

Endowus is a Singapore-based digital investment platform. Its blog, Endowus Insights, focuses on covering less-talked-about investment assets such as unit trusts and mutual funds. These tend to be less well covered in Singapore, and the finance blog aims to fill up that gap.

12) SGX

If you’re into investing in stocks listed in the Singapore Exchange (SGX), then this finance blog is something you should check out. It is run by SGX itself and is maintained by their team of local finance market strategists and writers.

13) The Good Investor

Founded by two former Singaporean Motley Fool writers, this finance website publishes content aimed at educating Singaporeans on the stock market and investing in general. As former professional writers at a world-renowned finance website, you can rest assured that these guys know how to turn complex concepts into digestible bites.

14) The Smart Investor

If the Good Investor isn’t good enough for you, then check out The Smart Investor! Co-founded by former CEO of Motely Fool Singapore David Kuo, this site provides a wide range of investment related topics ranging from generic investment advice to in-depth market analyses.

15) Heartland Boy

Heartland Boy is a finance blog started by a true-blue Singaporean heartlander. It is sort of a diary that records his journey to financial independence. He aims to inspire Singaporeans to embark on their financial independence and investment journey. Having recently become a father, he started publishing content related to the financial aspects of parenting.

16) InvestmentStab

InvestmentStab is a finance blog started by a group of Sigaporean students who are curious about finance topics at large. Content is created with the average Singaporean in mind, focusing on certain topics like CPF and insurance, and breaking down complex finance concepts.

17) Jeraldine Phneah

Jeraldine didn’t start her blog with the intention of delving into finance-related topics. Instead, she simply wanted to share more about the struggles of Singaporean millennials. Given how much of the struggles they face are finance-related, she eventually ventured fully into the finance space. She now covers topics such as tips on securing more money when applying for jobs.

18) DollarsAndSense Business

DollarsAndSense Business is the finance blog of DollarsAndSense Group. It has an emphasis on finance topics that business owners and self-employed Singaporeans will find useful. These articles aim to help them make better financial business decisions.

19) Insurance Market

Insurance Market is a policy comparison platform that helps Singaporeans compare various types of policies such as car, home, and maid insurance. As experts in the field, they publish great content of their insurance blog. Given how the product information put out by insurance companies are generally quite convoluted, this is a great resource for anyone who needs advice on insurance policies.

20) YouTrip

YouTrip is a Singapore-based multi-currency mobile wallet with that allows users to pay in over 150 currencies with no extra fees. While they do publish general travel content like ideal travel destinations, they primarily focus on finance-related travel topics. These include tips for budget travel and credit card travel promotions.

21) PolicyPal

PolicyPal is an app which gives users full visibility of their insurance policies and help people to manage them better. Its blog regularly posts about insurance-related matters.

Which Singaporean finance and investment blog will you start with?

And there you have it! This is my personal list of the top 20 finance and investment blogs in Singapore.

Finance and investment are incredibly convoluted topics. And given that our education system didn’t include these in our syllabi, setting aside time to read more about them as we get older and become increasingly busy with life.

This list will provide you with easy-to-read content and save you loads of time that could have been wasted Googling technical finance jargon. Happy reading!