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What type of content do we write?

The team of freelance writers at our content writing agency mainly writes articles for your website.

But we also dabble in other types of content 😉

Check out the variety of writing services we provide:

SEO content writing

We specialise in the following niches:
- SaaS content writing
- Travel content writing
- Food content writing
Can't find what you need? Propose your own niche!

Email content writing

Our email copywriters will help you write persuasive subject lines and email copies that nurture and converts leads and improve open and click-through rates.

LinkedIn profile writing

Our LinkedIn profile writers are among the best social media copywriters. They will write keyword-optimized profiles that improve your personal branding and also increase your likelihood of being contacted by hiring managers.

Ad copywriting

Our advertising copywriters will write compelling copy that’ll skyrocket your conversion. You’ll receive professional copywriting services from the best!

Here are some content writing examples from out content writing agency

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How to improve your sales conversion rate

What are public tenders and how do they work?

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FAQs about hiring freelance content writers

Content writing is the process of planning, writing and then editing text content for a variety of digital marketing activities.

Some examples of marketing content include landing pages, blog articles, email content, ad copies, social media post captions and even scripts.

The answer to this question would depend on the type of content we are talking about. Different types of content are written for different goals.

You need content writers to produce good and persuasive email content to improve open rates and convert your leads.

Keyword-optimized blog and landing page content is necessary to help your web pages rank for specific keywords you are targeting. This will help push your content closer to the first page of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive traffic to your site.

Ever feel super frustrated by situations where you have a brilliant strategy but lack the manpower to execute it? You’re not alone.

In fact, Content Marketing Institute revealed that 61% of companies outsource their content creation work. 

This helps free up your marketing team’s time to handle other tasks as well. While this does not mean that content writing is not important. But writing, in and of itself, is ultimately more operational in nature. Why not outsource the work to those who specialize in this skill?

There are the 3️ things that you should always evaluate when searching for a content writer. The first is language proficiency. Your writers should be able to clearly communicate the benefits your brand has to offer. Experience is also crucial as it will save you a lot of time that may be needed to train inexperienced writers. The writers will also need to have achieved desired results such as organic traffic readership goals.

Different content writers charge differently and it generally depends on several factors. Type of content (e.g. blog post or e-book), number of words, and whether or not other non-writing services were provided (e.g. SEO keyword research).

Some freelance writers will also charge based on experience and their reputation.

Writing Wildly can help businesses outsource writing work, thereby freeing up time that can be allocated to other areas of business. Their seasoned writers can efficiently produce high-quality content that meets your needs.

Yes, Writing Wildly provides expert email copywriters who can improve your click-through rates, nurture leads, and increase sales. They understand the importance of well-written emails and offer expertise in cold email marketing.

Yes, but only to a certain extent. Our writers’s expertise extends beyond writing and encompasses SEO. They specialize in search-optimized web content that help increase organic traffic and improve search engine rankings. That said, we do not help you run a full-on SEO campaign and only lay the foundation for your site to rank well using well-optimized content.

While we use SEO best practices and strategically incorporate keywords into our content, it’s important to note that we are not running a full-on SEO campaign for you. Many factors influence keyword rankings, including site architecture, backlinks, and competition. These are factors that will be assessed only in an SEO campaign. Therefore, we cannot guarantee specific keyword rankings, but we assure you that our SEO-focused approach aims to improve your overall search engine visibility.

Yes, our freelancers may utilize AI tools to enhance efficiency and assist with grammatical correctness. However, these tools serve as a supplement rather than a replacement for human creativity and context understanding. The final content is thoroughly reviewed and edited by human writers for quality and originality.

While AI can speed up writing and improve accuracy, it can sometimes produce incoherent phrases or incorrect information. It also struggles with brand voice and lacks the human emotional connection. Moreover, heavy reliance on AI can reduce authenticity and pose plagiarism risks. This is where our freelance writers come in. All pieces of content are vetted and edited by us before they are submitted to the client for a final review.

Freelance writers bring a unique human touch to content, with their ability to understand and respond to audience emotions, experiences, and nuances. They excel in tasks that require deep analysis, creativity, and strategic thinking, such as keyword research, blog comment responses, and search intent analysis.

Moreover, they can offer unique perspectives that AI currently cannot fully replicate. While AI tools like ChatGPT and Jasper.AI are powerful in terms of speed, efficiency, and SEO-optimization, they can sometimes lack the depth and authenticity that come with human writing.

Human intervention remains crucial to ensure high-quality, engaging content that truly resonates with readers.

We highly value client feedback and see it as an opportunity to improve our content. If you have any revisions or suggestions, we will promptly make the necessary changes to ensure the content meets your expectations and achieves your SEO goals.